Reach thousands of draft eligible prospects in a few easy steps.

At MVProspect, our goal is to offer scouts a comprehensive and easy to use solution for assessing a prospect's mindset

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Reach Thousands of Draft eligible Prospects

“Strategic, resilient, and relentlessly focused competitor.”

Reach thousands of draft eligible prospects in a few easy steps.

From text message to Pro Mindset Comparable report, MVProspect simplifies the scouting process for professional teams with cutting-edge AI technology.
Text Messages

Reach thousands of prospects

We begin with sending text messages to thousands of draft eligible prospects, inviting them to complete an online on-demand video interview.

This initial step in our process ensures that we are reaching a wide range of prospects and giving them an opportunity to showcase their skills and mindset.
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Video Interview

Get a unique view of each prospect

During the on-demand video interview, prospects are asked 15 game-related questions, providing scouts with a comprehensive evaluation of their physical and mental abilities.

The questions are designed to give prospects an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the game, as well as their decision-making skills, leadership potential, and mental toughness.
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Leverage AI technology

At MVProspect, we leverage advanced AI technology to analyze prospects' video answers and evaluate their mindset for the game.

Our system identifies patterns and correlations between linguistic features and specific traits related to motivation, coachability, cultural fit, and so much more.
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Evaluate and profile prospects

At MVProspect, we understand that a player's mindset can be just as important as their physical attributes when it comes to their success on the field.

That's why we've developed an advanced profiling system that helps teams gain a unique perspective on a prospect's mental makeup.

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Benchmark against elite players

MVProspect provides a comprehensive approach to scouting that includes benchmarking each prospects' mindset against hundreds of elite pro players.

By comparing a prospect's performance and mental attributes to those of established professionals, we can provide teams with valuable insights into each prospect's potential for success.