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Quarterback and Coach

The relationship between a head coach and their quarterback is unlike any other partnership in sports. When working well, this pairing is powerful enough to lead playoff runs and bring home titles. On the other hand, a poor relationship between these two individuals will more often than not result in losing seasons and rumors surrounding job security.

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Character Matters - A Scouts Prospective

Players who possess great character are the engines behind successful team cultures. Nelson Terroba professional basketball coach describes high character individuals, “They don’t skip steps. They say hello, they say thank you, they say please. Those who don’t skip steps and always think about the respectful, professional, right thing to do, constantly in everything that they’re doing, those are usually who people call high character people.”

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Common Traits of Successful Athletes

What does it take to achieve greatness at the highest level of a sport? How do certain athletes elevate themselves even above their peer world-class competitors? Inner drive, self-confidence, humility and killer instinct, - athletes who possess above average ability in these four areas have a significant advantage when it comes to being successful in their respective sports.

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Young Professional, Ben DiCrasto, Joins Avrij Analytics

Avrij Analytics has added recent Houghton College graduate Ben DiCrasto to their growing team of success driven professionals. Ben is a sports enthusiast who possesses skills in communications, public relations, and marketing. He will serve the primary function of blog writing, and joins Avrij having previous experience in the pro-sports industry, as well as experience both on and off the field in college athletics.

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Success Below the Surface

History and research point strongly toward the idea that things like locker room leadership, off-field integrity, and team chemistry play much stronger roles in on-field and organizational excellence.

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Avrij Analytics Adds Zoom Video Analysis to their Analytics Platform

As face to face interaction has become increasingly hard to come by, scouts turn to the latest technology to stay ahead of the game. Zoom Video Analysis helps scouts maximize the value of the conversations they have with prospective athletes by providing insights into athlete’s communication styles and characteristics.

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