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Breaking Down Prospect Make-up Analysis

Player make-up metrics essentially give clients data-driven breakdowns of prospect personality traits. These summarized personality profiles are formed byway of an artificially intelligent analytical function which uses thousands of spoken words to draw conclusions about prospects. Personality insights include data on traits such as agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, emotional range, and openness.

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Teammate Chemistry

In the sports world, teammates that function symbiotically are gold. Such units are not easily found or formed, but can be the driving force behind a team’s overall chemistry and success. Tight-knit groups within teams instill confidence in each other, as well as those around them. Confidence in turn leads to creativity, and in sports, creativity leads to athletes reaching their full potential.

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Bringing A Winning Culture

What do Derek Jeter, Walter Payton, Dirk Nowitzki, and Steve Yzerman have in common? Each of these professional athletes spent their entire career with the same team. Each also brought their franchise home at least one championship title. On the flipside, how many professional athletes have changed teams and seemingly brought a winning culture along with them? While many have been successful in new environments, it is important to differentiate between those that joined a championship culture and those that brought a championship culture along with them.

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The Next Moneyball

The ultimate goal in professional sports scouting is to find players who will contribute to winning either immediately or in the future. In any league, such as the NHL, where prospects enter through a draft, teams search for value and upside in their picks. Mike explains, “The goal is to find those players that you can draft in later rounds that have a growth mindset. You can be the best on your team, but once you get into the pro ranks are you willing to play a different role?

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Quarterback and Coach

The relationship between a head coach and their quarterback is unlike any other partnership in sports. When working well, this pairing is powerful enough to lead playoff runs and bring home titles. On the other hand, a poor relationship between these two individuals will more often than not result in losing seasons and rumors surrounding job security.

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Character Matters - A Scouts Prospective

Players who possess great character are the engines behind successful team cultures. Nelson Terroba professional basketball coach describes high character individuals, “They don’t skip steps. They say hello, they say thank you, they say please. Those who don’t skip steps and always think about the respectful, professional, right thing to do, constantly in everything that they’re doing, those are usually who people call high character people.”

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