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Avrij Analytics Adds Zoom Video Analysis to their Analytics Platform

As face to face interaction has become increasingly hard to come by, scouts turn to the latest technology to stay ahead of the game. Zoom Video Analysis helps scouts maximize the value of the conversations they have with prospective athletes by providing insights into athlete’s communication styles and characteristics.

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Avrij Analytics is Adding to Our Dynamic Team of Statisticians in Canada & U.S.

Unique opportunity to join the Statistics team at Avrij Analytics. We are looking for data driven, passionate, and energetic people to scale our research and statistical development

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Professor of Business Analytics, Sharad Borle, Ph.D, Leads Avrij Analytics Research Team to Study Social Media and Player Performance

Using proven data science and statistical methods, the team at Avrij Analytics, led by Dr. Borle, will calculate game impact, value creation, time to value, and risk associated with player and fan social media exposure. 

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Avrij Analytics Increases Their Presence in Pro Scouting with Tom Gibbons Joining our Growing Team of NFL Talent

Former NFL Pro Scouting Director, Tom Gibbons, has joined Avrij Analytics to help advance Avrij’s College Prospect App ahead of the 2020 NFL season. Gibbons joins former Pro Bowl NFL players Eric Wood and Jerry Butler, along with Don Purdy, ex-NFL front office executive.

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