"Campus Barometer" a Health, Wellness & Social Justice App is Available in August for Wide Release
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Fredericton, NB / Ottawa, ON (June 15, 2020) -- Soon after releasing the 2020 NFL Rookie Wellness Application, the data scientist and developers at Avrij Analytics began testing the utility of the application in a college setting.  The primary concern addressed in the study was the protection of student anonymity and confidentiality of social media posts.  “Our sports applications present aggregate results and the information we analyze is publicly available.  Social media is the perfect barometer for understanding trends and a great resource for decision makers,” said Garfield Fisher, CEO, Avrij Analytics.

The "Campus Barometer" application is built on the Avrij Cognitive Linguistic Analysis Platform.  At its core is a modern Cloud based utility that helps college administrators quickly identify and address campus-wide Health, Wellness and Social Justice concerns.  “As college administrators prepare for the return of students this fall, and families balance health and academic needs, our application helps college administrators develop timely policy and procedures intended to ensure the health and well-being of everyone on campus,” said Carmen McKell, CFO, Avrij Analytics.


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Professor of Business Analytics, Sharad Borle, Ph.D, Leads Avrij Analytics Research Team to Study Social Media and Player Performance

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