Wellness Application Launched to Help Teams in the NFL Develop This Year's Rookie Success Programs
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Fredericton, NB / Ottawa, ON (June 8, 2020) -- Ahead of this year’s NFL Training Camps, Avrij Analytics today launched the 2020 Rookie Wellness Application.  The app was developed with the help of current and former NFL Player Engagement Directors.  At its core is a modern Cloud based platform that helps teams quickly identify and respond to a Rookie’s Health, Wellness, and Social Justice concerns.  The 2020 Rookie Wellness Application fills a gap while the “front office” is now the “home office”, while players and staff anxiously wait to return to the facilities, and while managers prepare for a very different NFL Season.

Paul Lancaster, Player Engagement for the Philadelphia Eagles was instrumental in helping Avrij identify relevant content for the analysis used in the application.  “With Paul’s leadership we are able to offer every team in the NFL a useful application during this incredibly challenging time”  said Garfield Fisher, CEO, Avrij Analytics.  

Despite the disruption in the NFL, Avrij Analytics continues to innovate with the planned release of several eSports and Sports Betting applications this fall.  "As we navigate through 2020, we remain committed to innovation, research, and development supported by generous Atlantic Canadians Investors,” said Carmen McKell, CFO, Avrij Analytics.  “With this support we can imagine and realize global opportunities for our company and for the region.”  

To learn more about the 2020 Rookie Wellness Application, please visit: http://www.avrij.com/wellness

For more information email:  contact@avrij.com



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