Video Closed Caption Text Analysis Now Part of the Avrij Analytics AI Enabled Social Listening Platform
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Fredericton, NB / Ottawa, ON (July 6, 2020) -- Avrij Analytics today announced that Video Closed Caption Text Analysis are now available in their AI enabled player character evaluation application.  For the past several months, Avrij has been working with NFL and MLB scouts to develop a series of key performance indicators from College Athlete interview analysis.  Closed caption text from interviews posted on Youtube were used to identify five primary, and thirty secondary player insights.  “These insights will go a long way to better know the player, especially given all the changes happening in pro and college sports this year,” said Tom Gibbons, former NFL scout with the NY Jets, LA Chargers and Buffalo Bills.

Player recruitment programs are becoming more digital as a matter of necessity.  With Cognitive Linguistics Analysis of Athlete Interviews, scouts have real-time, ongoing and personalized player insights at their fingertips.  “The ability to analyze player interviews comes at a time when scouts are forced to rethink the player recruitment experience,” said Garfield Fisher, CEO, Avrij Analytics.  “Our customers were looking for innovation and we were able to deliver because of the support we received from investors in Atlantic Canada and the U.S.,” said Carmen McKell, CFO, Avrij Analytics.

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Avrij Analytics is a leader in AI Enabled Athlete Character Evaluations. Working with NFL and MLB teams since 2016, Avrij Analytics has built a reputation in player recruitment, development, and management analytics. Avrij has virtual staff working in Canada and the U.S. and has offices in Fredericton, New Brunswick and Ottawa, Ontario.

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