Avrij Analytics Adds Zoom Video Analysis to their Analytics Platform

September 30, 2020

Fredericton, NB / Ottawa, ON (September 30, 2020) -- Avrij Analytics has developed Zoom Video Analysis as the latest addition to their player evaluation platform. Scouts will now, for the first time, be able to analyze prospective player mindset profiles based upon artificially intelligent evaluations of Zoom interviews. This ground-breaking step forward will allow for socially distanced, data-driven player analysis to safely take place into 2021 and beyond.

As face to face interaction has become increasingly hard to come by, scouts turn to the latest technology to stay ahead of the game. Zoom Video Analysis helps scouts maximize the value of the conversations they have with prospective athletes by providing insights into athlete’s communication styles and mindset. In this day and age, similarity mindset evaluation is critical in finding players who will be a good fit and succeed in a team’s particular environment. Mike Medici, a scout with the Texas Rangers, states, “Being successful at the highest level of a sport takes more than just talent and athletic ability. The work we do with Avrij Analytics gives us a leg up on our competition when it comes to finding players with the best chance of succeeding in the MLB.”

By vigorously working alongside NFL and MLB scouts, Avrij understands what data is needed to help scouts make the right choices when it comes to player selections. For its Zoom Video Analysis, the Avrij Application uses Video Closed Caption Text Analysis in its process of creating accurate scouting reports on athletes. This new tool adds to the application’s ability to provide insights based on social media, emails, college reports, and written text in the application.

The team at Avrij looks to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of data analytics in sports scouting.

To learn more about Avrij Analytics’ Zoom Video Analysis please contact us at: contact@avrij.com.

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