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We offer customized pricing packages based on the following features:

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Unlimited Prospects

We offer unlimited prospect mindset similarity analysis with a flat-fee subscription. Upload as many prospect interview videos as you like at any stage in the evaluation process.

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Unlimited Pro Players

With access to every professional athlete in our portfolio, you get a clearer picture of a prospects mindset comparable for age, position, draft order and performance metrics.

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Dedicated Manager

Every college and pro team is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is there to help you recruit more efficiently, saving time and money in the process.

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Why Us?
We empower teams with data that easily integrates with existing processes and technology.

With Avrij Analytics you always have access to the original prospect interviews, transcripts, raw data and reports.

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College and professional sports teams succeed or fail on the basis of three basic principles: mental and physical ability, execution,and culture. We strive to aid teams in all three of these factors by providing tremendous service and support to every one of our clients. Success starts with a roadmap and that’s where we come in!

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Elite mindset similarity analysis presents a tremendous opportunity to leverage the latest in natural language processing, machine learning and statistical modeling for a truly advanced prospect evaluation strategy.