2020 Rookie Wellness Application


In response to developing conditions, Avrij Analytics is offering the 2020 Rookie Wellness Application to teams in the NFL, at no cost.  The application was built on the Avrij machine learning analysis platform for Player Engagement to quickly respond to a Player’s concerns.

You have to be willing to adapt... you can’t expect or anticipate every move, but your job is to try to be as prepared as possible.
 Roger Goodell - NFL League Commissioner
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  • Follow All Rookies on Social Media
  • Search & Filter Posts
  • Get Wellness Notifications
  • Get Priority Rookie Insights
  • Password Secure
  • No Training & No Setup Required
  • Works on All Web Browsers on All Devices
  • Automatic Application Updates
  • Delivered in One Easy to Use Web Application


  • Helps you talk to Rookies about Wellness Concerns
  • helps you Share Accurate Wellness Information
  • helps you develop individualized rookie programs
  • Helps you identify Leaders Among The Rookies
  • helps you prevent rookies from sharing inaccurate information
  • helps you know when to communicate with individual rookies
  • helps Support the development of this year's Rookie Success Programs

The 2020 Rookie Wellness Application

is an analytics enabled platform that analyzes social media for high priority content.

Our team of software developers and data scientists have worked closely with sports organizations to identify priority Rookie Insights. These insights are key to developing the 2020 Rookie success programs.

The NFL, its teams, and players are coming together to do their part in supporting the country as they try to tackle the issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.
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