Why MVP-Mindset?

By using a statistical model of MVP-Mindset, teams are able to distinguish between actual and perceived similarity between prospects and professional players.  The distinction between actual and perceived similarity is particularly important in the prospect evaluation workflow due to the brief and superficial interactions between scouts and prospects leading up to the draft. 

Current Situation

  • Scouts rely on objective physical comparables when evaluating a prospect. Until now, objective mindset comparables were not available.
  • Survey-based mindset evaluations are time consuming, biased, and intrusive.
  • Traditional assessments lack the ability to benchmark prospects with hundreds of professional athletes.


  • MVP-Mindset is a measure of actual similarity between prospects, professional players, and coaches.
  • MVP-Mindset is based on thousands of hours of prospect, pro player, and coach video analysis.
  • MVP-Mindset traits are presented in a easy to use application.

Key Benefits

  • MVP-Mindset is a new and dynamic video analysis application designed specifically for college and professional sports.
  • MVP-Mindset provides an extremely efficient means of measuring several dimensions of athlete mindset, while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.
  • MVP-Mindset is an unbiased and unobtrusive way of gathering key prospect mindset data.
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