Why Similarity Analysis?

By using a statistical model of mindset similarity, we are able to distinguish between actual and perceived similarity between prospects and professional players.  The distinction between actual and perceived similarity is particularly important in the evaluation process due to the brief and superficial interactions between scouts and prospects leading up to the draft. 

Current Situation

  • Scouts use comparables to objectively understand the physical skills of a prospect. However, mindset comparable are more difficult to attain, analyze and interpret without modern machine algorithms.
  • Teams currently rely on elaborate, time consuming, biased, and intrusive test as their primary means of understanding a prospects mindset.
  • Current methods of understanding a prospects' mindset lack the ability to instantly compare thousands of prospects with professional players that account for age, position, experience, and performance.

Mindset Analysis

  • Mindset similarity analysis measures actual similarity between prospects, professional player, and coaches by using the latest in natural language processing, machine learning pattern recognition, and statistical modeling.
  • Prospect mindset comparables are based on the cognitive-linguistic analysis of thousands of hours of prospect, pro player, and coach video interviews.
  • The results of the analysis are presented as predominant mindset traits for an individual or group of prospects, for prospect and pro player comparisons, and for prospect and coach similarity insights.

Key Benefits

  • Our mindset similarity analysis removes perceived similarity bias from the interpretation of prospect mindset comparables.
  • Results of the analysis can be linked to prospect performance stats for further insights between mindset and performance.
  • Mindset similarity analysis is a less expensive, and less intrusive way to evaluate a prospect who may be a valuable late round draft pick.
  • Mindset similarity analysis is currently used by several teams with hundreds of hours of athlete interview video added daily.
  • Because of the low cost of the service, it is feasible to use mindset similarity analysis throughout the year to find the 1% player others have overlooked.
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