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Player Engagement Insights


The Avrij Insights Application is an off-field insights tool used by athletes, agents, college, and professional sports organizations to discover the digital reality of the player.  

Users of the application get real-time insights from the analysis of local, state & national news, social media, blogs, fan posts, emoji, symbol, photo and video.

The Avrij Insights Application was developed from years of advice and direction from Team Owners, General Managers, Front Office Staff, Scouts, Current & Retired Athletes.
Avrij Insights


The Player Insights

Want to know more about the person? How do they stand up to adversity? What happens when they lose a game? These insights are critical when making decisions about the right mix of athletes for the team. The Avrij Application provides trusted insights to help you build a winning team.


Discover the Possibilities

The Avrij Alerts send you insights about “off field” events in real time to your mobile device. You can stay on top of player possibilities and be the first to know when important things happen. Even a few minutes of early notice can help give you the competitive advantage.


Uncover the Potential

The Avrij Application identifies opportunities for the athlete and the organization. From athlete's charity work to being a role model for kids….the Application will help you uncover strategic wins for your team. Get instant access to players being heroes, giving back to their communities - as it happens.

Avrij Insights is the First & Only Application Designed with the Interest of the Athlete at its Core!

It was important to us to include as many points of view in the design and development of the Avrij Application.  The advice and direction from Team Owners, General Managers, Current and Retired Athletes went into every aspect of the application's concept, design and development.

College and Professional Sports Organizations helped interpret insights from the analysis.  With their help, the math behind the app became MEANINGFUL.

Inspired by the athlete for the athlete, and used by professionals who care for them... on and off the field. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Avrij Insights

The application works on all major web browsers and mobile devices. There is nothing to install on your computer or phone.

* All in one place access to all online content.
* Accurate so you don’t miss anything important.
* Alerts on your computer or mobile as online content is posted.

Amateur, College or Pro, Avrij makes your job easier:
1. Gathers all online information in one place.
2. Identifies the most important information for you.
3. Delivers the content you want... when you want it!
4. Nothing gets overlooked.
5. Lightning fast & super accurate insights. 

Contact us and we'll setup an account for you. With some basic information about your organization, the type of online insight you want, and how often you want it... it's pretty easy.

Don Purdy is the Managing Director for US Operations and can be reached at

How it Works


Your Account

Login to your account using your favorite web browser.


From Roster, Pro, & College Athletes

Select from Roster, Pro and College the athletes you want to engage with.


See what interests you

Select posts leading up to and including gameday or from a list of automatically generated key words. 


What to know and when to know it

Choose when alerts should be sent to you. You decide the schedule or select options like: send when something important happens, delay until you're at work, send after midnight etc.


Awesome Insight Stats

Decide if you want weekly, monthly or quarterly athlete insight reports.


The Application Does The Work

Now you can stop trying to follow hundreds of online media sources on your own. There isn't enough time in the day to do what the Avrij Application can do in seconds.

Avrij Insights

Insights Delivered

on your phone, tablet & computer.

When something happens in sports, it's usually put online for millions to read forever! Avrij Insights is a tool that lets you determine what online information is important to you, when you want to know it, and how you will receive it.

Avrij Insights does all the heavy lifting... finds, analyzes and reports the online content you want in one convenient application.


All In One Place

Save thousands of hours finding online posts, blogs, news and opinion. The Avrij Application puts it all in one place for you.


Access to Everything

With all your information in one convienient location you have 24/7 access to the original text, photo and video posts.


Need to Know

The Avrij Application removes retweets and reposts so you can ignore the noise and focus on what's important in Player Engagement.


Heads Up

The Avrij Application sends 24/7 media alerts of the information you want, when you want it.


Deep Dig

The Avrij Application digs deep to find, read and filter thousands of posts so you can focus on what happens on and off the field.



The Avrij Application delivers local, state, national and international athlete and team news in one location.

Avrij Insights

"I am responsible for the entire evaluation of hundred of athletes... that’s on the field and off the field. Ultimately my recommendations come down to basic player characteristics. Today, an area that has become extremely important is understanding the athlete off the field. These types of insights can come from multiple online sources. For example, when not competing, what are the athletes interests outside of the game? It is also helpful to get glimpses into their online personality.

All of these elements are important to the entire evaluation of the athlete. Working with the Avrij team these past few months, I soon became aware that their application allows me more time to focus on the on-field evaluation and less time behind the computer searching through an impossible amount of information. This application changes how I approach an athlete’s online footprint."

Mike Medici
Area Scout TXR

Avrij is an analytics company founded by a group of data scientists and sports management professionals.
We have over 25 years of experience using mathematical algorithms to "compete and win".

Avrij Insights

Garfield Fisher
Co-founder & CEO

Avrij Insights

Carmen McKell
Co-founder & CFO

Avrij Insights

Shambhavi Pundir
Co-founder & COO

Avrij Insights

Don Purdy
Managing Director U.S.

Avrij Insights

Aaron Holmes
Software Engineer

Avrij Insights

Paul Bjorndahl
Data Scientist


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