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Scouts look for many things in a player's character. Is the player tough, competitive, smart, dedicated, passionate about the game, and driven to be great? A prospect's job is to demonstrate they have what it takes.

Avrij Analytics is about players and scouts coming together to share insights during the player decision making process.
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Character Evaluations During Covid-19
At Avrij Analytics, we're helping prospects and scouts come together during the pandemic. Traditional player evaluations have been turned upside down in recent months. Travel restrictions, direct player contact and game cancellations have forced players and scouts to find new ways to evaluate character and talent.
You have to be willing to adapt... you can’t expect or anticipate every move, but your job is to try to be as prepared as possible. Roger Goodell - NFL League Commissioner
Athlete Character Evaluations - for Prospects & Scouts
2 Analyze
A prospect can choose to Analyze pre-written college reports, social media posts, emails or original text entered into the application..
3 Report
A prospect gets instant feedback in several key areas, including mental toughness and personality, needs and values related to the sport, communication and leadership style.
4 Share
Prospects can decide to share with family, friends, a college, a professional sports organization or a league.
1 Player Signup
With an easy to signup process, college prospects are in control of when to share their character insights with scouts.
Keyword notification & search made easy.
Easily follow & engage with players.
Real-time insights from news & social media analysis.
See patterns & trends with charts, graphs & tables.
Developed for Prospects & Scouts
The Avrij Application provides prospects and scouts with advanced character insights based on social media, emails, college reports, video, audio, and text written directly in the application.

The Avrij Application is like nothing on the market today. Prospects and Scouts now have a way to communicate, discover and win on and off the field.
Image analytics can also identify faces within photos to determine sentiment, gender, age, and more. It can recognize multiple elements within a photo at the same time, including logos, faces, activities, objects, and scenes.
These are just a few examples of what you can do with emoji analysis. After all, there’re 2,666, so there’re still plenty more for interpretation. And as the number grows, more opportunities open for you to claim one for your own.
With the correct software, video of match play can become much more useful than simply re-watching the game. First it requires a technician to mark the video (in real time or after the game) with your chosen key points such as goals, errors, and specific plays, and also mark the involvement of each player.
How College, Professional & eSports Scouts Use Avrij
Players can quickly identify their character Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
Build player success programs tailored to the player's unique character attributes.
Accurately identify players who fit, contribute and excel when it is needed the most.
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