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Reimagine how news & social media analysis is used in player decision management. From recruitment to engagement, our platform helps college, professional and eSports organizations see a more complete picture of the player, team and league.
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Automated News & Social Media Analysis
Avrij simplifies how you follow, find and understand news & social media content.

Social networking has transformed over the past decade, but not until recently have we seen it impact the sports world. - Bleacher Report.
Discover The Winning Formula With Avrij
Keyword notification & search made easy.
Real-time insights from news & social media analysis.
See patterns & trends with charts, graphs & tables.
Easily follow & engage with players.
Advanced Methods
The manual process of “hunting & pecking” for critical information is replaced with a click of a button.
Real Time Analytics
“As-it-happens” analytics from social media and news that matters to the organization.
Customized Dashboards
Provide charts that highlight important patterns and trends for critical decision making.
Advanced Technlogy
With Machine Learning, we process and present social media and news insights within seconds.
Developed for Managers
Avrij provides advanced machine learning analysis of news & social media content based on your priorities.
Customized Analysis of:
Image analytics can also identify faces within photos to determine sentiment, gender, age, and more. It can recognize multiple elements within a photo at the same time, including logos, faces, activities, objects, and scenes.
These are just a few examples of what you can do with emoji analysis. After all, there’re 2,666, so there’re still plenty more for interpretation. And as the number grows, more opportunities open for you to claim one for your own.
With the correct software, video of match play can become much more useful than simply re-watching the game. First it requires a technician to mark the video (in real time or after the game) with your chosen key points such as goals, errors, and specific plays, and also mark the involvement of each player.
How College, Professional & eSports Managers Use Avrij
Identify critical information about leadership, dedication, personality & communication.
PLAYER engagement
Find the missing information to develop a more complete persona of the player.
Roster Reputation
Accurately identify the pros & cons of using social media to engage with fans.
Learn How To Get More From News & Social Media
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