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Our aim is to enhance the way sports teams, scouts, and recruiters discover and evaluate talent. We offer three innovative applications: MVProspect, VirScout, and ProspectTalk, each designed to streamline scouting and recruitment processes, offer unique insights into player potential, and foster strong connections between teams and athletes.

Mindset Assessments

Gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of advanced AI and Machine Learning tools

MVProspect - An Athlete Mindset Assessment Platform
An athlete mindset assessment platform


MVProspect offers an innovative mindset assessment platform for athlete evaluation. By analyzing the language and thoughts expressed by athletes, MVProspect provides a comprehensive mindset evaluation. Key features of MVProspect include:

Language-Based Mindset Assessments: Our AI system analyzes language patterns to identify key indicators of a prospect's mindset, including confidence, motivation, and decision-making ability.
Video Interviews: Invite draft-eligible prospects to participate in a video interview where they answer questions about their physical and mental aspects of the game.
Pro Mindset Benchmark Report: MVProspect benchmarks each prospect's traits against elite athletes, providing unique insights that go beyond physical abilities.
Use cases for MVProspect include colleges and professional teams looking to gain a competitive edge by making more informed draft decisions.
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A talent discovery platform


VirScout is the ultimate virtual scout platform offering a customizable solution for teams and scouts to discover a wider range of prospects. Key features of VirScout include:

Customizable Interview Questions: Create tailored interview questions to better understand a player's skills, character, and fit for your team.
Team Branding Integration: Showcase your team's identity by adding logos, colors, and promotional videos to each interview.
Sentiment Analysis: Gain a better understanding of a prospect's passion for the sport.
Use cases for VirScout include college or professional sports scouting teams aiming to streamline their recruiting process.
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Virtual Scouting

A customizable platform enhancing scout reach with tailored interview questions, team branding integration, and sentiment analysis.

VirScout - A Talent Discovery Platform

Scout Assist

Revolutionize scouting with features like two-minute audio notes, built in analytics, and AI-generated scout reports.

Prospect Talk - Simplifying the Scouting Process with AI
simplify the scouting process

Prospect Talk

ProspectTalk is a powerful mobile app designed to help professional scouts and college recruiters evaluate draft-eligible prospects with ease. Key features of ProspectTalk include:

Two-Minute Audio Messages: Record brief audio messages about a prospect's abilities, progress, and potential.
Sentiment Analysis: ProspectTalk uses advanced sentiment analysis to assess your audio recordings, helping you gauge your opinion and minimize bias.
AI-Generated Scout Reports: Our AI model generates detailed, unbiased Scout Reports based on your audio recordings and sentiment analysis.
Use cases for ProspectTalk include professional scouts and college recruiters seeking a competitive edge in their scouting processes.
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Beyond Sports

Our team is making strides in other sports, applying our data analysis and AI expertise to develop applications that address specific challenges and needs.

Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming projects!


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