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Our talent discovery platform offers an accurate and customizable solution for teams and scouts to get to know a wider range of prospects than ever before. VirScout includes  standardized interview questions and the ability to add team branding and promotional videos to attract the best talent to your team.

Whether you're scouting for college or professional sport, VirScout is the time-saving solution to help  streamline your recruiting process and build successful programs. Our platform is designed to be affordable with competitive pricing plans to suit any budget.
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Enhancing Sports Scouting Connections

At VirScout, we believe in the power of technology to transform the way teams and scouts discover and connect with promising talent. Our mission is to improve the scouting process by offering a platform that allows teams to get to know their prospects better before scheduling in-person interviews. We are dedicated to providing an innovative platform that enables teams, scouts and athletes to showcase their strengths and create meaningful connections.

Discover, Connect, Thrive

Our platform combines the best of technology and sports expertise, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to modern scouting challenges. With our customizable interview templates and seamless integration of team branding and promotional materials, VirScout provides a unique and engaging experience for both scouts and athletes.

Customizable interview questions

Our platform allows you to create tailored interview questions to better understand a player's skills, character, and fit for your team.

Team branding integration

Showcase your team's identity and culture by adding logos, colors, and promotional videos to each interview.

Sentiment Analysis

This information is invaluable for teams as it allows them to gain a better understanding of the prospect's passion for the sport.
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Where Sports Professionals and Prospects Connect

Become a part of the thriving community of sports professionals who have chosen VirScout as their go-to solution for scouting and connecting with potential recruits. Our innovative platform streamlines the initial scouting process, enabling teams to establish meaningful connections with prospects and gain valuable insights into their personalities, skills, and character.

Access to talent

VirScout's digital platform empowers teams to explore and connect with prospects from around the globe, broadening your search and increasing your chances of discovering exceptional talent.

Enhanced collaboration

Our platform fosters open communication between scouts and prospects, allowing you to build strong relationships and gain a deeper understanding of each player's potential.